Sum 41 'Order In Decline' CD

Sum 41 'Order In Decline' CD

Sum 41

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Order In Decline CD

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2019 release. Grammy nominated rock band Sum 41 is back and bigger than ever with their seventh studio album Order In Decline. Written, produced, mixed, and engineered by frontman Deryck Whibley, Order In Decline is a burst of uninhibited feeling, a page out of his journal, a window into his soul that reflects on extremely personal and vulnerable events. The album is undoubtedly Sum 41's heaviest and most aggressive album in their storied career, while also being it's most dynamic and raw.

Track list 

  1. Turning Away 
  2. Out For Blood
  3. The New Sensation
  4. A Death In The Family 
  5. Heads Will Roll
  6. 45 (A Matter Of Time)
  7. Never There
  8. Eat You Alive
  9. The People Vs...
  10. Catching Fire


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